Thursday, 25 November 2010

10 new smiley face emoticons for the 21st century

[ : ) “I’m happy with my new Noel Gallagher haircut

### ( “Someone’s left a waffle iron on my face and I am now sad”

£=$ “I am finding exchange rates confusing. And my face conveys it”

L-0 “My face portrays how bad I am at typing”

(-: “I’m typing upside down, yay”

~~~)-: “Typing upside down has made me vomit and that has subsequently made me sad”

!-) “I really like the fade in my eyebrow. I think I look really cool”

?-) “I have a new pirate eye patch and I am happy”

£?@&*^%”*( “I am struggling to understand the theory of relativity. This makes me sad.”

0-) “I’ve just been shot in the face. But I’m alive”

Q-( “Someone has just thrown a pear and it’s hit me in the face”

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