Thursday, 31 March 2011

Peter Andre and Alex Reid to form super couple?

Peter Andre and Alex Reid are set to form the next celeb power couple. Sources claim the two of them combined can defeat Jordon and her “evil” left breast in who can put out the worst reality TV show.
Alex Reid said, “i’m sure there’s room for another reality TV show, Katona is the Lidl, Jordon is Asda, Jamie Oliver has a reality TV show where he lives in Sainsbury’s, we could be the Tesco of reality TV shows. The Only Way Is Essex is the Waitrose obviously.”
ITV 2 are said to be excited by the idea, a spokesman said “the show will involve the two of them talking about Peter Andre’s music, talking about whatever products Alex has out and wrestling, you know stuff all guys do.”
Filming has already started. In episode one of “Being Alex and Peter: The First Paragraph, What They Did After What They Did Next, The Only Way is Yorkshire” Alex locks himself out of the house and has to call Peter. How ITV 2 managed to make that into a 45 minute show is anyone’s guess.
Jordon was unavailable for comment although her left breast was interviewed on Newsnight, “bring it on, i’m writing a new autobiography as we speak called the last six months. It’s well good.”

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