Thursday, 5 January 2012

Diane Abbott and Jeremy Clarkson to make their own show!

Diane Abbott made the news today and has apologised for making a racially offensive "tweet" saying,
“White people love to divide and rule. Don’t play their game.”
It sounds a bit like a line out of a racist version of Lord of The Rings. Didn't Gandalf call Sauran "leader of the Honkys?" Do white people love to play divide and rule? I prefer Risk. “Don’t play their game?” What is this “divide and rule” game, all you honkys out there, is it on the Xbox? I always thought “our” game was ice hockey?
And casual racism comes so naturally to Jeremy Clarkson that he learnt it before he learnt to shit standing up.
So the prospect of these two getting together for a new show is great! It involves Jeremy and Diane driving to work together talking about race. Jeremy will talk about “non-white people and Lenny Henry” and Diane will talk about “honkys” Then after work the two get together for a friendly game of "Divide and Rule" over a cuppa. 
BBC 1, 9pm! Don't miss it!